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Japan's northernmost island represents an expanse of largely untouched natural landscape. While Hokkaido composes over 20% of Japan's total land area it is home to only 4% of its population. Hokkaido offers opportunities for wild exploration while enjoying unique cultural aspects and hospitality that exist only within Japan. is intended for independent travellers and provides information, suggested courses, and search options for the prospective visitor. Our goal is to share the beauty of Hokkaido with international travellers and to make it easier to organise a holiday in Hokkaido.

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About Us

This site is produced by RoomBoss, a travel software company based in Niseko, Hokkaido. We’re passionate about techonology, Hokkaido and the Japanese ski industry.

Some of the content on this site (including travel articles) is produced by RoomBoss. Other content (such as rates, availability and descriptions of services) is controlled by a community of Hokkaido-based service providers. Content is regularly added and updated both by us and by Hokkaido resorts, accommodation, and providers of outdoor activity services.

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